I consider myself organized, but over the years I was spending more time looking for things and feeling overwhelmed at my clutter piles. Susan cheerfully assured me she could get me a bit more structured so I wasn’t always looking for my things. It is now a year post-Susan and I am still organized! The structure that was put into place serves as our framework for an organized home. Labels show exactly what should be returned to the space upon using, this being implemented in my kitchen, home office files, pantry, closets, craft room, and makeup area. It was the best time and money I have spent for myself and my family. I love not having to look for things. What a stress-reliever to have this framework in place!


— Traci, Potomac, MD

After 10 years of having clutter everywhere in my home, on every surface, and in every cabinet and closet, I began to wonder if I was actually becoming a hoarder. I finally realized I needed help, first to determine whether I was a hoarder, and second, to help me declutter and reclaim my home. Susan Unger is just the kind of third party I needed. Susan is completely professional and compassionate; she does not judge me and my clutter. At my side every step of the way, Susan is making suggestions, asking questions about my future dream for a certain room or piece of furniture, making her way through embarrassing clutter and laughing with me, and never, ever judging. Clutter SOS gets a five-star rating from me. I definitely recommend Susan to everyone thinking of contacting a professional for help decluttering and organizing. It will change your life!


— S.G., Alexandria, VA

Iwas overwhelmed at having to empty my parents’ 23-room estate by myself, with a 60-year accumulation of clothing, furniture, mementos, artifacts, treasures, thousands of books and records, housewares and just plain stuff.


Susan Unger came in like a breath of fresh air and helped me organize, pack up and empty the house in record time when I thought the task was insurmountable.  Susan was cheerful, understanding, encouraging, patient, and thorough. Because of her diligence, the house was cleared and market-ready by the looming deadline.


Her keen eye for sorting and her vast number of contacts allowed us to group like items for immediate distribution to a wide variety of recipients. She knew which organizations would take National Geographics, furniture, baby clothes, and dishes, for example. We were able to put these possessions that held such memories into the hands of those who could make use of them, which was my wish.


Susan was committed to working tirelessly to accommodate our situation, schedules, and needs, and never failed to take my feelings into account. She helped me get through a stressful, demanding and emotional task which would have been impossible for me to accomplish without her. I am very thankful and grateful to Susan and would highly recommend her services.


— Catherine, Falls Church, VA